Corona and Transport-A year later

Corona and Transport-A year later

The year 2020 was full of challenges. The deadly virus has spread around the world Millions of people have sadly passed away, millions have lost their jobs, and many industries have faced great challenges.

One of the industries that has certainly faced great challenges is the transport industry. The crowds at the borders are huge, drivers are waiting long, and the conditions are very bad.

And we can immodestly say that truck drivers make a great sacrifice by doing nothing but their job.

And on top of all of that, the recent situation with Brexit and a new version of the coronavirus in the UK makes everything much worse. At the UK border, trucks are piling up day by day, and drivers spend days waiting in poor conditions for the green light.

Almost 4.000 trucks are stuck at UK border

And as more and more countries introduce even more rigorous measures, we can expect that things will get much more difficult.

How long all this will last and what consequences will leave on the drivers and the transport industry is one big question to which no one can give an accurate answer. There is only a hope that things will become better soon.

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It will be better in the Spring💯


This situation will persist until next year😔


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