Eila Edition One

Eila Edition One - 5 star hotel on wheels

Yacht on wheels is maybe the best description of this project named Eila Edition One. It's started at the beginning of 2019, and after 1,5 years this masterpiece was finished.

Company that is responsible for this project is Eila Consulting GmbH & Co from Bayreuth-Germany. And they say that inspiration for this project coming exactly from Yachts, they are luxurious, beautiful and eyecatching.

Before we start to talk about living space of this motorhome, which is by the way amazing, let's talk a little bit about truck itself. Its made out of Mercedes Actors MP5, and its powered by great 6 cylinders engine with 530hp. But what is more astonishing is cab interior. It's full of luxury and premium materials. Team that stand behind this project take every part of it seriously, and they committed themself so much to details, so every part of this truck is amazing.
Some of technologies that this truck have are : side mirorrs and rear view cameras, active distance assist, emergency brake assist, cruise control and dynamic Mercedes Navigation System. It also comes with multiple interactive multimedia screens and driver seat with air suspension that can be adjusted so you can feel comfotable and enjoy every kilometer of your journey.

And now we get to the best part of this masterpiece. Luxurious living space that will give you 5 star hotel expirience. Livng space of this truck is made as a modern, stylish and exclusive unit. It contains of Living room, Kitchen, Bathroom and Master bedroom and you can choose betwen 8 diferent layouts, as you can see in pictures below.

Edition One have 4 pop-outs to maximise the space and can contain up to 6 people. It have a completly equiped workspace as a part of master bedroom, multiple TVs and 5 integrated wirelles chargers. This amazing truck also comes with aircondition, heathing and hot water supply and washin/drying machine. And on top of all that there are two solar panels on the roof that come in a package with 6 batteries. How awesome is that?


Also check this video that will show you how amazing this project is:


If you are interested in this luxury motorhome or want to know more, visit Eila website at www.eila-edition-one.de

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