House inside the trailer! Great project by "Sleeptrailer" company!

House inside the trailer! Great project by "Sleeptrailer" company!

Has it ever go trought your mind to go on a trip, or to attend an event with your friends or family? If it is, then those are great news for you, but if it's not, then read this article to the end and it will for sure!


Sleeping trailer project comes to us from startup company "Sleeptrailer" from Switzerland. This dynamic team started their project in September 2019 with goal to enlabe people to be accommodated directly on the spot at any event they like, because as they say, the focus is to be in the center of events.

Construction of this sleeping trailer took 6 months, and the Sleeptrailer team put the emphasis on having everything built with top quality materials and involving local businesses in the construction. The sleeping trailer was built from refrigerator-trailer, and the cost of this project was 150.000 CHF.

Manufacturing process:

The comforts you can find in this trailer are fully equipped 2 bedrooms with a total capacity of 18 beds, a living room and a fridge. This trailer is also equipped with a cooling and heating system, and full power supply is available to users. It is also important to note, once again, that everything is made of premium materials.

Finished project:

Team from Sleeptrailer company says that they found inspiration for their project in "Nightliner Bus" from a Switzerland company "Pilot Reisen". They also saying that they want to provide sleep accommodations for festivals and other events, such as sport events and festivals in central Europe, and that they planning to make some other sleeping trailers with different fittings in near future.

Here you can watch a short video about this amazing project:

Also, if you are interested in working with a Sleeptrailer company or to connect with them, you can visit their website and find more information at:


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Good luck guys, Great job!!


Looks interesting, but not so great during corona time 😂 btw keep going it have a potential


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