Nikola TRE, serious player in E-Truck industry!

Nikola TRE, serious player in E-Truck industry!

Nikola Motor company and Iveco worked together to make this masterpiece. New truck was named TRE, and it is made for European, Asian and Australian market.

This truck is based on Iveco S-Way platform. Although they look similar, those two trucks are totally different. Nikola Tre is fully electric with no emission of CO2, it has almost fully digitalized interior and it's own operative system. Operative system will have a lot of possibilities, with help of system, driver will have full control over truck in every moment.

Nikola Tre will also be equipped with advanced Bluetooth technology to connect mobile device with it's system and allow driver to remotely control the truck.

Let's move on performance of this interesting machine. By words of Nikola Motor this truck can have up to 2.700Nm and up to 750kw, also range will be between 500-1200Km. Beside good performance Nikola Tre will have Online Customer Portal to track your location, miles, routes and energy consumption and much more.

If you want to see more photos of this truck scroll down, also tell us your opinion about this vehicle from future. Do you like it or not?

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