Scania Kivara. Mighty beast with 900HP

Scania Kivara. Mighty beast with 900HP

Scania Kivara

This project was created by the South-African company Bayside Truck and Trailer Solutions, which specializes in the repair and tuning of trucks.

The relationship between Scania South Africa and Time Link Cargo is a model for any successful customer/supplier relationship. It began in 2003 when CEO Kamal Mitoo established the company. He chose the Scania brand back then, and hasn’t bought any other brand of vehicle since.

A die-hard fan of the Scania V8 models, Mitoo was recently presented with an award from Scania South Africa for the biggest fleet of V8s running in the Western Cape.

Almost everything inside the Scania R900 Kivara is trimmed with leather: seats, door panels, steering wheel. A powerful audio system includes 12 speakers: 3 on each door and 6 behind the seats.

Thanks to a number of modifications it produces 900 hp. For example, marine parts and reprogramming of the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), as well as injection of Nitrous Oxide (N2O), popularly known as Nitro. The model is capable of generating up to 1400 horsepower. By the way, 300 thousand US dollars were invested in the creation.

As a man who values relationships, the name Kivara comes from a combination of Mitoo’s daughter’s and son’s names – while the 900 moniker holds further significance in that she was born on the ninth day and he in the ninth month.

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