True HEROES of tough times. TRUCK DRIVERS!

True HEROES of tough times. TRUCK DRIVERS!

Unfortunately, the coronavirus conquered Europe. Consumer habits became paranoid overnight, to such an extent that people began to collect supplies.

In a story like this, everything again goes largely on the backs of valuable truck drivers.

While many take shelter at home during the coronavirus pandemic, truck drivers are on the road, continuing to do their part to keep everyone supplied.

Between stocking grocery stores and delivering critical supplies to hospitals, the trucking industry is a driving force in keeping the world operational.

As medical professionals and public health officials work hard to slow the spread of the coronavirus, truck drivers are also working hard to deliver critical medical supplies, food and other essentials to hospitals and grocery stores worldwide.

Yesterday at noon, we clapped from our balconies and windows in support of doctors and nurses in the fight against coronaviruses. But we also need to applaud in support of truck drivers, who despite the risk of contagion, do their best to help humanity go trought this hard time.

Ladies and gentlemens, with many miles in front of you, good luck in the new challenges and THANK YOU!

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if there were no truck drivers and mechanics we would have empty stores!


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